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    For More Than 45 Years We Have Specialized In Winning Complex Child Custody, Removal and Support Cases in Chicago, including Cook and Lake Counties in Illinois.

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    In child custody decisions, the court will always rule in what it sees is the "best interest of the child" when determining decision-making responsibilities between formerly married and unmarried parents. This may not be as clear-cut a decision as it seems.

    The State of Illinois has done away with the term “custody” and replaced it with “allocation of parenting responsibilities.” In essence, this means that the state took all of the parenting responsibility issues commonly dealt with in child custody cases, such as living arrangements, education, religion and healthcare and divided them in to separate issues for which the responsibility can be assigned to either or both parents.

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    Determination of parental responsibilities can depend largely on the evidence presented by the attorneys for each party. When facing this situation yourself, having the experienced and knowledgeable counsel of a Chicago child custody lawyer can make the process easier, less stressful, and the outcome more beneficial to both you and the children.

    Every client who walks through the doors of the Chicago, Illinois office of Levin & Associates receives personal attention tailored to their particular needs. Whether you seek help with allocation of parenting responsibilities, understanding child custody or have questions about visitation rights, we begin by learning about your unique circumstances and goals. We take the time to explain all aspects of your family law matter, including parental obligations and possible outcomes so that you fully understand and participate in the process. When necessary, we seek out consultations with childhood psychologists, education experts, and other professional individuals who can help determine the ideal future situation for all children and parents involved.

    Our expert attorneys are ready to help you determine the most appropriate parenting arrangement possible.

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    For More Than 45 Years We Have Specialized In Winning Complex Child Custody, Removal and Support Cases throughout Metro Chicago, including Cook and Lake Counties in Illinois.

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    Child Relocation

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    Child Support

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    Moving with children can cause enough stress on its own, but when divorced parents share parenting responsibilities or have specific visitation rights, the situation becomes much worse. Child relocation, which used to be called child removal in Illinois, frequently requires legal intervention. With the focus on the best possible situation for the child, getting legal guidance from an experienced child relocation and removal lawyer from Levin & Associates makes sense.

    According to Illinois child custody laws, the custodial parent with whom the child lives must seek approval from the courts to move the child out of state or a certain distance away in the state. Besides a court order granting permission, the non-custodial parent must also approve. We offer comprehensive legal assistance to parents on either end of the relocation issue, those who wish to move with their children and those who wish to maintain visitation and a close relationship.

    As with most family law matters involving children, the judges are charged with acting in the best interests of the children and not giving preferential treatment to one parent over another. The child relocation attorneys at Levin & Associates understand current Illinois laws, have experience with these negotiations and are prepared to gather in-depth information about your particular case before the court date. We combine ability with an aggressive dedication to helping you achieve the best outcome possible.

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    Joel J. Levin  Recognized as Top Child Rep in Chicago by Leading Lawyers Magazine

    Joel J. Levin has been dedicated to the practice of family law since graduating from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1973, with a focus and emphasis on contested custody litigation. He is a skilled trial attorney, and is known for his talents both in the courtroom and in the mediation and settlement of all family law matters.

    Joel has extensive experience with high conflict issues involving custodial and financial matters. Joel is well-known and highly regarded as a Child Representative and Guardian Ad Litem, and he is frequently appointed by Judges in the domestic relations division of Cook County to represent children in cases involving complex issues, including those where there are allegations of physical and sexual abuse, child abduction and parental alienation.


    His zealous and compassionate representation of children transcends beyond his role as a Court-appointed representative, and he applies the same dedication and commitment in his representation of mothers, fathers and grandparents fighting for their children’s best interests. He has represented many high-profile clients, their spouses and their children, including business professionals, athletes and actors, and he prides himself on offering the same level of care and attention to each of his clients. He is an adjunct professor of law at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, a frequent moderator and lecturer for fellow attorneys and judges on domestic relations issues, and sat on the committee charged with redrafting the local circuit court rules in domestic relations.

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    “Thankful to have Joel Levin by my side...”

    There are no words to express how thankful I am to have had Joel Levin by my side throughout my divorce case. This was the scariest time of my life and to know that I had the most trustworthy attorney made the ordeal much more comfortable. I highly recommend Levin & Associates.


    “He..had my children's best interest at heart..."

    “oel Levin was hired as my attorney to represent me in a child custody case. He answered every question I had without hesitation. He pushed for the best scenario for my children. He not only worked for me, but had my children’s best interest at heart as well.


    “The best possible attorney to represent me..."

    “Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and your staff. My relocation situation was frightening and I didn’t know what to expect. But after meeting with Joel Levin, I knew I had found the best possible attorney to represent me. You were honest, telling me the truth about my case, good or bad. You prepared me for a potentially long, hard battle. Your team was so thorough and detail oriented, while keeping me updated every step of the way, responding to my phone calls and emails quickly, addressing my concerns clearly and compassionately. You made a very difficult situation tolerable.”


    “I couldn't have selected a better law firm..."

    “The firm helped me through a rough time in my life when I was struggling with inadequate child support payments, which they were able to modify and increase substantially. Mr. Levin also negotiated more time with my son and helped me through a divorce that was very complicated. I couldn’t have selected a better law firm to assist me with my problems. Their staff is always available to help in any way possible. I would highly recommend Joel Levin and Levin & Associates.”


    “Professional and courteous...very satisfied..."

    “I was represented by Joel Levin in my parentage (paternity) case in Illinois. It was a difficult time for me. They were professional and courteous, knowing how emotionally difficult this was for me. Their staff took time to inform me of details on the case, and in the end I was very satisfied with the results all due to their efforts.”


    I'd recommend the firm to anyone..."

    "I was referred to the firm by a close friend of mine. From the first phone call to the final court appearance, the professionalism and attention to detail of the staff were nothing short of fantastic. They kept me informed and most importantly, they got me results. I have to thank Joel Levin most of all, he really got me through a difficult situation. I’d recommend the firm to anyone going through a divorce, custody, separation and want to get the results they know can’t be had without professional help."

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