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    For More Than 45 Years We Have Specialized In Winning High Net Worth Divorce and Complex Property Division Cases  in Chicago, including Cook and Lake Counties.



    Chicago’s Premier Custody Law Firm

    Parents, Your Rights Matter - Don't Leave Anything To Chance!

    For More Than 45 Years We Have Specialized In Winning Complex Child Custody, Removal and Support Cases in Chicago, including Cook and Lake Counties in Illinois.

    Parents, Your Rights Matter - Don't Leave Anything To Chance!

    For More Than 45 Years We Have Specialized In Winning Complex Child Custody, Removal and Support Cases in Chicago, including Cook and Lake Counties in Illinois.

    Chicago's Premier High
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    Top-Rated Chicago High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers 

    Experienced Chicago Divorce Attorneys Helping High Net Worth Clients with Complex Property Division and High Value Marital Estates

    The size of a marital estate has little bearing on the emotional consequences of a divorce; however, the process can become decidedly more complex when substantial assets are involved.

    When divorcing individuals have a high net worth or a substantial marital estate, the division of property can become complicated and contentious, with disputes arising frequently.  It’s not uncommon for these high net worth individuals to have marital estates that include real estate holding, business interests, complex trusts, investments, retirement accounts and international assets. The addition of these types of assets can severely complicate divorce proceedings involving individuals with high net worth, making an equitable division of marital assets challenging.

    At the Hoffenberg and Block, our high net worth divorce attorneys have many years of experience assisting clients with complex, high value marital estates to achieve a favorable division of property in a divorce.

    If you are considering divorce and you or your spouse owns a business, professional practice, retirement assets, real estate holdings or other significant assets, it is important to consult with a Chicago high net worth divorce attorney who is qualified to assist in these matters.

    High Net Worth Divorce

    Protecting Your Assets During Divorce with High Value Estates

    Complex Property Division

    Aggressive Representation to Secure Equitable Distribution of Property

    Asset Valuation

    Determination of Value and Distribution of Business Assets

    Chicago High Value Asset Divorce Attorneys
    Dedicated Attorneys Protecting Your Rights in Cases with High Value Marital Estates

    Our award-winning divorce attorneys can assist you with a wide range of legal and financial issues as we guide you through the divorce process. In a high net worth divorce with substantial assets in play, it is especially important that matters involving property division and equitable distribution are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

    Division of Property in High Net Worth Divorce Cases

    The equitable distribution of property can become fiercely contested and challenging to resolve in divorce cases with high value assets. Our high net worth divorce attorneys will work to divide property in a manner that is fair and equitable. A creative approach to the division of property is often required to achieve an acceptable settlement agreement.

    Often times, we will engage the services of, and incorporate the opinions of, a variety of well-respected industry experts. Forensic accountants can help uncover hidden assets, business evaluators can assess commercial holdings and vocational experts can help determine whether support should be awarded to a non-working spouse.

    Evaluation of Business Assets and Commercial Holdings

    High-asset divorces can also involve the determination of value and distribution of business assets. The attorneys at Hoffenberg and Block represent clients whose marital estates included professional practices, commercial businesses, financial services companies, retail enterprises, manufacturing concerns and international assets.

    Our attorneys provide comprehensive representation for individuals engaged in contested matrimonial proceedings where significant assets, investments or business interests are involved. Our unique ability to identify and examine the key elements in proceedings involving high net worth individuals gives our clients the advantage in asset preservation and the protection of their financial interests.

    Our firm has access to leading experts in business valuation, forensic accounting and other fields who can help identify and value assets in divorce cases involving assets of substantial value. We are prepared to identify, examine and address a broad range of issues that can surface in a high asset divorce, including:

    • Retirement Assets (pensions, 401ks, IRAs)
    • Real Estate Holdings
    • Valuation and Division of Business Assets
    • Art & Antique Collections
    • Suspected Hidden Assets
    • Enforceability of Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements

    Why Hire Hoffenberg & Block for Your Complex High Value Divorce Case?

    Hoffenberg and Block LLC is an award-winning Chicago Family Law Firm with offices in downtown Chicago and Lake Forest, IL. Our dedicated high net worth and complex property division attorneys have represented clients throughout Cook

    and Lake counties in Illinois for over 50 years.

    GLORIA E. BLOCK is a founding name partner/principal in the law firm of Hoffenberg & Block, LLC. Ms. Block received her J.D. from Loyola University Law School in 1980 and a B.A. from Northwestern University in 1977. She is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association, the Decalogue of Society of Lawyers, and the Forensic Forum. 

    Over the years, because of her established skills in dealing with children, she has come to be known as a vigorous advocate for children by Judges, lawyers, and mental health professionals who are intimately involved in legal proceedings involving custody and visitation cases. Because of her reputation and expertise, she is often appointed by Judges, and agreed upon by attorneys, to participate in the most difficult custody and visitation cases. Her stated goal is always to protect the best interests of children.

    ALAN D. HOFFENBERG a founding partner, has had a long and distinguished career in matrimonial law. His experience includes representing either party in a divorce action, ranging from the most basic to the very complex, including cases that involve high net worth individuals, large estates, numerous properties, substantial business holdings, detailed financial analysis, extensive discovery, forensic investigation, real estate appraisals, business valuations, awards of maintenance, child removal cases, as well as custody, visitation, and child support litigation.

    Mr. Hoffenberg specializes in assisting clients to achieve the most favorable outcome in a divorce proceeding, whether by settlement or aggressive representation at trial. Mr. Hoffenberg is uniquely qualified and has the skill, knowledge and experience to ensure the full protection of your legal rights. He will handle all matters with compassion and sensitivity to minimize the impact on you and your family.

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    “Gloria...your were a pleasure to work with...”

    “I have finally completed the last step. Now that I’m finally done, I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support through this process. Gloria, you were a pleasure to work with and I’d happily refer you if anybody asked my opinion in the future.”


    Chicago, IL

    “Thank you both so much..."

    “Gloria and Alan…Thank you both so much for everything and helping me turn things around for the kids and I…Kind Regards"

    Gina H.

    Northbrook, IL

    “There when I needed them..."

    “So thankful that you were there, by my side and I truly felt your concern for me…you have no idea how much that means to me."

    Carol R.

    Highland Park, IL

    “Thank you Gloria..."

    “Gloria, I want to thank you and tell you how impressed I was with your performance today and how well things went in Court. I am not sure it could have gone any better."

    Jenny M.

    Chicago, IL

    “Vast knowledge and experience..."

    “I was referred to Alan Hoffenberg by a friend and after our initial consultation I was confident he would be the right choice to handle my divorce. He did not disappoint. He was sensitive to my needs, kept me on track with what needed to be done and helped me with all of the daunting paperwork every step of the way. His guidance throughout the process was very helpful and he handled the opposing counsel with the right amount of professional “toughness” that represented my best interests. The divorce was completed in a timely manner and I was pleased with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Alan Hoffenberg for his professionalism, and vast knowledge and experience in marital law."

    Marcia C.

    Evanston, IL

    Alan helped me retain my dignity and preserve my financial independence..."

    Alan Hoffenberg was my divorce attorney, representing me in the dissolution of a 30 year marriage.

    He was not only my attorney; he was also my counselor, helping me through a very difficult time in my life. He was a good friend when I needed it, but more importantly he was strong when I wasn’t and protective when I needed him.

    No one wants to have a divorce attorney, but I always knew that Alan was diligently working on my behalf and always had my best interests at heart.

    Three years after my divorce, when my former spouse decided to take me back to court, my case went to trial. It was then that Alan showed me a different side of him, a powerful force in the courtroom that I was glad to have on my side. He proved to the judge that my ex-husband was undeserving of reducing the settlement and he fought to allow me to retain my dignity and preserve my financial independence. Thank you Alan."

    Debbie M.

    Chicago IL

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